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Implementing enterprise-scaled automation isn’t an easy journey. Failed projects, low ROI or inadequate platforms are just some of the barriers that may impact RPA initiatives.

At Jidoka we apply an automation approach based on the effective collaboration between Business and Technology to optimize quality in the construction, deployment and maintenance of software robots, easing governance and scalability of our clients’ automated processes.

Procesos de negocio, no tareasEnterprise RPA

Jidoka is a RPA solution capable of implementing automation from a “top-down” approach to ensure comprehensive control of even the most complex processes.

RPA para desarrolladoresRPA developer friendly

Robots built by programmers, applying best practices from the software industry, have greater functionality, are easier to maintain and are cost effective.

Automatización Multi-Sistema OperativoMulti-Operating Systems automation

Our Java-based robots are compatible with any operating system. If you require automation for Linux or Mac, Jidoka is your solution.

Licencias flexibles Flexible licenses

We offer a flexible and node-based licensing model, with no minimum purchase price, which is available On Premise and Cloud, with perpetual subscription or periodic payment options.

A decision as vital as the selection of a solution for your RPA journey should not have a single answer. Discover a different approach, discover Jidoka.

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