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Hard times… With no robots on your staff!

22 January, 2015

Today, organizations face new challenges in the operation of their business processes given the economic situation and the current competitive environment that is forcing a significant reduction in tariffs and operating margins. In this context, efficiency in the management and optimization of costs as well as the investments supported by technology are some of the main challenges to which companies must respond.

We can therefore think, as noted in  the first post, that we live in modern times, but the current crisis is hitting many companies for what more than modern … Aren’t these difficult times?

Hands and appendages of the machines they manage

Difficult times coincides with Charles Dickens’ most committed novel, written 160 years ago, which illustrates the so-called industrial revolution, where workers are described as “hands and appendages of the machines they manage”. Surely, we are facing a new industrial revolution, the revolution of software robots, where machines have moved from being devices to becoming heavy computer programs. In order to carry out any action, you need access to several applications and dozens of windows, copying and pasting data from one place to another without adding any value or reasoning capacity.

Robots can work 24x7x365 with precision and integrity, allowing people to perform more value-added tasks

Using robots that can work 24x7x365 with precision and integrity not only reduces business costs and error rates but also improves important human resource policy issues by freeing employees from repetitive tasks to do more value-added tasks. Isnt it boring for one person to be copying/slagging between different applications and repositories of information?

The good news with this RPA (Robotic Process Automation) approach is that humans don’t have to be “appendages of the mouse or keyboards they handle,” but they can use all their neurons, their gray mass, to do what programs won’t be able to do in the short term: make business decisions.

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