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Mature robots – 1 million executions

15 January, 2015

A few weeks ago, we observed one of our clients reach a significant figure of 1,000,000 items processed through one of the Jidoka robots we have deployed.

What does this mean? For practical purposes, Jidoka robots have performed millions of tasks, of different characteristics and/or complexity, that were previously performed by a team of people.

In this case, this company has an “army” of more than 50 robots that perform tasks, running automatically or at the request of a “Jidoka operator”. Some of these robots have needed some adjustment, others became outdated over time and had to be replaced by other more modern robots. Most of them are still doing their job as they did on the first day.

This company has succeeded in making the use of software robots to automate business processes more institutionalized. They have a clear commitment to #RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

It is not necessary to automate each and every process to affirm that you have an automation strategy in your company. Moreover, it is not necessary to automate all the actions executed in a given business process. If there is a flow that is a candidate to automate, you can develop a robot to carry out those actions, leaving the rest to be resolved by people.

When it comes to automating your company’s business processes, it is vital to have a clear methodology and criteria for selecting the robots to deploy based on the following questions:

  • How many times does the process run?
  • How long does it take for a person to do it?
  • How many different applications are involved in the process?
  • How many different flows or cases can you find when processing a task of this process?
  • Is it necessary to automate all flows?

The answer to all these questions (and many more) is clear afterimplementation of automation strategies in many companies across a wide variety of different sectors (Finance, Tourism, BPO, etc.). What to automate?

Do you need help with the automation strategy in your company? Get in touch with our team at Jidoka.

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