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Modern Times

Tiempos Modernos
8 January, 2015

The film written, directed, and starring Charles Chaplin, “Modern Times“, relates to Jidoka in many aspects related to robots, not hardware, but software.

In the film, released in 1936, a worker in the steel industry goes crazy because of the stress caused by his monotonous job with the advent of the industrial revolution and chain production. Nearly 80 years have passed since the film was released and we are surely facing a new revolution, the revolution of Software Robots, where machinery has become heavy software. And where to perform any action, you need access to several applications and dozens of windows, copying and pasting data from one place to another without adding any value or reasonable capacity.

But the good news is that a new paradigm has emerged, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which eliminates from the “production chain” those manual tasks that employees of organizations do but really contribute little to the business, building software robots.

Our Jidoka robots’ free employees from the most monotonous tasks so that they can dedicate their time to what a software robot can hardly do in the short term: analysis and, above all, business decision making.

Welcome to Software Robots, welcome to Jidoka!

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