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Robots and Virtualization: A Good Match

18 February, 2015

How to manage your company’s workforce in the face of a changing workload?

The management of HR in a company is a vital task. It involves many aspects, such as Selection, Recruitment, Training, etc.

Properly sizing the template of your organization allows you to align the production capacity with the needs of each moment. If your template is oversized, it would imply an extra cost. It can also be a problem not having enough staff to cover your tasks in peaks of work or even in your day to day. In this case, you will lose production and/or lower the quality of your work. This iscritical in the BPO / BackOffice sector where clients tend to demand fast response times and high-quality indexes, even incurring penalties if they do not reach them.

With a strategy to automate your business processes, in addition to obtaining a series of benefits, you can reduce the risk of not having a correctly sized workforce in the face of a significant change in your production needs.

How can virtualization help in this area?

By delegating part of your tasks to Jidoka robots, the moment you have growth in your production needs, you will be able to face it simply by running more robots. You could say it’s like “cloning” your best workers. You don’t need to invest in training, there’s no learning curve: robots are productive from the start.

In the same way, when you don’t need as many employees, to do without them after an effort has been invested for their training, doesn’t entail a good business. With Jidoka robots all you must do is “turn off the machines”.

Jidoka robots can be run on both physical and virtual computers. The advantage of using virtualization is clear because you don’t need physical space to locate them or expand your network infrastructure, you don’t have to acquire new computers, they don’t have micro-informatics maintenance, etc.

Using virtualization, you can clone a set of applications (ERP, CRM, etc.) and in a matter of minutes have a robot working on it.  In fact, according to the prestigious consulting firm Gartner, in 2018, using software robots such as Jidoka will require 50 percent fewer workers in BPO companies.

Our robots are running on the main providers of virtualization systems, such as Citrix, Vmware or VirtualBox, with no limitation in this regard.

If you would like to see our robots in action, please contact us.

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