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The eye that sees everything

El ojo que todo lo ve
26 March, 2015

In the end, the Fellowship of the Ring, headed by Frodo Baggins, whose mission was to throw the One Ring into the fire of Mount Destiny, did not have, at first, much chance of success. To jump into an adventure in the hope that everything goes well is not generally highly recommended.

On the other hand, Sauron had not only thoroughly prepared his strategy but also had an extraordinary competitive advantage, he could see it all!

Imagine that in your day-to-day life you have the ability to see everything that happens. How many wrong decisions would you avoid? How many problems could you anticipate?

Suppose you have a robot farm working for you. Having full, real-time knowledge of what is happening would allow you to make the most appropriate decision for the circumstances at any given moment. Making decisions blindly can have a good result in literature, but in real life, knowing what’s going on can be a big competitive advantage.

Knowing what’s going on can be a big competitive advantage

Following the example of the robot farm, imagine that you have all your robots at work. Without warning, they inform you that a task must be performed immediately. What do you do? Do you wait for one of the robots to finish? Do you stop one of them at random? but what if that robot is at a critical point in its task?
Also, think about the mistakes you could avoid if you had the ability to observe how your robots behave. The moment you catch a glimpse of a problem in the behavior of one of them, you could intervene. In another post, we’ll see that a well-designed robot should be able to detect unknown or problematic situations for him and warn you instantly.

With Jidoka you’ll have all this at your service. From our console, you will be able to obtain a large amount of useful information that will not only help you to make the best decision at every moment but will also allow you to later analyze the work done by the robot.

Let’s suppose you have a robot like N0M1N4, which we already told you about in “Él, robot” and which is one of the robots from Arantxa Herranz’sWho fears the fero robot? If, when trying to send the payrolls of the company’s employees, your robot detected a problem, but did not inform you of its origin, you would have to study all possible sources of error. However, if I informed you that, for example, there are not enough funds in the account to pay all the payrolls, you could go directly to the source of the problem and act quickly to solve it. What would happen in a process much more complex than this? How many hours would you have to invest to determine the origin of the error?

Through the Jidoka console, you can access a large amount of information

Through the Jidoka console you can access a large amount of information:

  • Robot log: Whether it’s a robot developed by your technical team, using our SDK, or a robot developed by our experts, you’ll be able to access the robot’s log in real time, meaning you’ll be able to see what the robot is doing at the moment.
  • Statistics: What’s the use of a robot if you can’t measure what it’s doing? With Jidoka you will have access to very useful information, such as the ROI, the number of successes of a robot, and so on. This will allow you to make decisions about which robots you want to load the most, which ones you need to check, etc.
  • Workflow: In any task that you want to automate, you will be able to define a series of steps that the robot will have to go through. From the console, you will be able to see live the point where the robot is, being very useful for, among other things, being able to decide when you can stop its execution.
  • Duration: As the process progresses, you will be able to see the estimated time remaining to finish the task. This information will be very useful to plan the tasks you want to execute each day.

Information is power

To finish, always keep in mind the following: you won’t be able to get the most out of your robots if you don’t have all the necessary information. As Francis Bacon said, “Information is power”.

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