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The first robot in history

El primer robot de la historia
11 March, 2015

Historically, human beings have always searched for ways to make our daily work easier and more manageable. Such simple and revolutionary inventions as the wheel, which had no greater objective than to facilitate the transport of goods and people, had an enormous impact on the development of Humanity. As we progress in time, there are more and more ways to use them.

However, the fact that having these tools made the work easier, it did not eliminate it, even so, it had to be done, however hard and unrewarding it was.

It is in this context that slavery emerges. If I have a slave who does this work, I can focus on the tasks I find most attractive or important.

In some cases, this was taken to the extreme of suppressing entire peoples. Sparta conquered Messiah and enslaved its entire population. These people, who would become known as ilotas, carried out the hardest tasks, such as agricultural work. Thanks to this work, the Spartans were able to focus on military training and practice, and, thanks to their specialization and dedication, achieved everlasting fame.

Thales, the first robot!

The culmination of this process was reached in mythology. The Cretans, for example, counted on Thales, a bronze automaton forged by Hephaestus, for their protection. The first robot!

The work of Thales was very simple, every day he went around Crete three times, always vigilant and well-disposed against any threat that approached its coasts. This task, and always within the myth, allowed the Cretans to focus on navigation, and therefore, on commerce, giving rise to the golden age of their civilization.

Jidoka robots do the heaviest and most repetitive work

Nowadays, and especially in the business world, this search for simplicity and efficiency in the performance of our tasks has become no longer a dream but rather a necessity and obligation if we want to be competitive, not in the near future, but in the immediate present.

Luckily, just as Cretans had Thales, we now have his successor: Jidoka. Jidoka, as his predecessor did, oversees carrying out the heaviest and most repetitive work, allowing the workers of the companies where he is, to focus on the most important tasks and to contribute greater value to the business.

There is only one difference between the two: Jidoka is here and it is real.

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