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We can improve this process

Podemos mejorar ese proceso
21 April, 2015

A few days ago, I found a LinkedIn profile with the image that accompanies this post. The truth is that I was pleased as it made me think about the improvements obtained in the processes after its robotization with Jidoka.

It’s not only that a robot performs the tasks, allowing people to dedicate themselves to more useful tasks, but that the process itself evolves and improves by being executed in a more precise, reliable, and predictable way. The process improves because it has been upgraded.

When a Jidoka consultant from our team or the client’s team faces the challenge of building a robot to carry out a complete process or sometimes, for a part of a process, it does so from a more objective perspective. We could say that it is like the figure on the left of the image. This vision may not be particularly revolutionary, but the other two figures in the image might have caught a glimpse of it. The key here is that these people may be too involved to even notice the most obvious improvements. They do not practice the “stop the world I get out of” but suffer from the ” first urgent then important ” syndrome.

People may have the “first urgent then important” syndrome

That’s why it’s good for someone outside the process to evaluate it. It is almost certain that your knowledge is lower than the knowledge of the people who do the work every day. This person has a couple of interesting advantages:

  • Has robotized other processes, in the case of Jidoka consultants for many other companies, which allows him to have a broader view of what can or cannot be done.
  • They are less influenced by daily life allowing to more easily separate the grain from the straw.

Many times, we have heard in our lives “do not let the trees prevent you from seeing the forest” and as with almost all popular phrases, it is not wrong.

This new vision is not disruptive, in fact, the usual thing is that it is rather complimentary of the process as it existed in its original format, as we have already commented, it would be a version 2.0 of the process. As in other areas of life, when someone explains to another person how something is done and what things should be taken into account, if that person, in this case, the consultant Jidoka, asks the right questions, the points of improvement are clearly observed and treatment by robots will achieve the desired goal: reduce costs, time, and errors,  increasing quality and reliability.

Evolve a process without modifying the client’s software

Using this formula, we have been able to  face the processes and evolve them in many cases. Sometimes the processes are simplified, other times it is proven that it is better to do them in a different way, usually you can take advantage of the skills in which robots are superior to people and always, always, you can do without modifying the client’s software, without the need for any costly integration, silently and imperceptibly.

We are not talking about process re-engineering, we are talking about rationalization, we are talking about taking advantage of the new tools available for the customer’s business, we are talking about Jidoka robots with an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) approach, we are talking about something that combines two aspects that are almost at odds: being profitable and being exciting.

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