About us


JIDOKA is a solution designed and developed by NOVAYRE SOLUTIONS, a software company specialized in software development, integration and automation.

Since 2008, NOVAYRE has developed business intelligence and automation solutions that have been successfully implemented on many sectors such as:

  • Public administration
  • ICT
  • Utilities
  • Finance
  • Internet
  • Tourism

The multi-disciplinary team of developers at JIDOKA is led by experts with more than 20 years in the market, delivering complex software solutions.

Our major strengths are:

  • Technology: We master multiple techniques and technologies that allow us to carry out automation projects “from scratch”.

  • Methodology: We invested our time and resources developing in-house methodologies and procedures to strength our automation offering.

  • Products: We use proprietary solutions that enhance productivity without compromising quality and flexibility for our software solutions.

  • People: We built an HR model focused on intellectual capital with highly qualified automation experts.