Jidoka Partnership Program

Today, companies require flexible and reliable solutions to improve efficiency of their processes. As a Jidoka partner you will meet this demand applying the revolutionary technology of Software Robots. You will take your clients to “the next level” with the automation of business processes.

Our partnership program seeks to create synergies with companies which want to grow, like us, with the tremendous business opportunities that RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has to offer.

We provide training, marketing, and technical support to take full advantage of this new paradigm in business management.


Choose the program that best fits your expertise and specialization:

If your field is software sale and distribution:


Reseller Partner


Get benefits selling Jidoka licenses.


If your field is software development:


Technology Partner


Build Software Robots for your clients.



Be the first (open a new market):

Be the first (open a new market):

RPA technology and software robots are a new paradigm for automating tasks that involve computer programs and applications. Be among the first in joining the revolution of Software Robots.

Competitive advantage:

Competitive advantage:

Jidoka is a flexible and robust solution, suitable to multiple types of businesses and sectors with applications covering different areas, opening a wide range of business opportunities.

Backed by an experienced team:

Backed by an experienced team:

For over ten years we have been successfully implementing automation solutions for our clients. Customer satisfaction is our best proof of a job well done.

What we offer



We give your team the skills they need to sell and/or develop Software Robots with Jidoka technology. Our certification program ensures your people is ready to develop and deploy software robots.



To achieve successful sales you’ll have access to a demo version of Jidoka Server and to all our training and marketing materials (technical documentation, sales, marketing, etc.).



Our consultants will give you support to generate business opportunities. They will help you find the best strategy for RPA development and implementation.



We provide specialized support to answer all the questions that may arise during the development, implementation and marketing of Software Robots.

How to become a Jidoka partner

Contact Information1

Contact Information

Fill out a short application form and a member of our sales team will contact you.

Partner agreement2

Partner agreement

Sign our partnership agreement to become an authorized partner for the distribution and/or implementation of Jidoka.

Training process3

Training process

Browse our documentation library and get the knowledge to develop successful projects backed by our marketing staff.

Business opportunities4

Business opportunities

As a partner you will work to generate and follow-up business opportunities working with our sales team.