Among the daily operations of a hotel, there are plenty of routine tasks in which different information systems are involved and can be performed by Software Robots:

Revenue management reporting

Invoicing and back-office operations

Booking management

Pre and post-stay mailing

Customers social profile analysis

In the hospitality industry, large amount of data from different applications – PMS, ERP, CRM, internal reports, etc, is managed on a daily basis. Jidoka robots can get and organize this information in an automated way and present it in a personalized, more controllable and easy-to-read format. Generating revenue management reports is an example of the use of this technology in hotels.

Another application with huge potential in the tourism sector is monitoring online reputation of companies and destinations. Processing large volume of information that clients publish on social networks is a very complex task done manually. Jidoka robots can simplify and speed up this process to benefit from the “mine of information” available on the Internet, so companies know their customers’ preferences before their stay.