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Jidoka robots reduce manual intervention to a minimum by automating repetitive tasks. Implementation is swift and the return on investment is almost immediate.

However, the adoption of RPA is not always an easy path and requires an appropriate strategic approach and a solid methodology to ensure the success of automation.

Jidoka's RPA methodology

Changing the way processes are approached requires a clear methodology and criteria.

Our experts have robotized hundreds of processes in companies from diverse sectors, allowing them to have a broader view of what can and cannot be done. We help you analyse your company’s needs in order to define the best automation strategy.

Step 1
Selection of processes

We assist you to identify a catalogue of processes that can be automated and select those that provide the most value at the lowest cost of development and implementation. To achieve this we use an iterative and incremental approach based on “quick-wins”.

The best candidates for RPA automation are processes that meet requirements such as:

  • Volume: Processes involving large volumes of labour hours or items (customers, employees, contracts, invoices).
  • Mechanical: Processes consisting of a succession of actions that are repeated cyclically.
  • Based on rules: Processes whose operations depend on rules previously defined.
  • Subject to errors: Processes that require continual human intervention and are prone to errors.
  • Scalable: Processes exposed to peaks of activity.
Los mejores candidatos para la automatización RPA

Step 2
Functional analysis

  • Definition of business rules, analysis of transactions, volumes, loads…
  • Inventory of applications involved in the process
  • Elaboration of a process flow diagram

Step 3
Robot development

  • Development and setting up of the software robot
  • Execution of tests in a development environment (if any) and verification of the robot’s operation
  • Identification of incidences on development environments
  • Implementation in production environments

Step 4
Adjustment support

  • Continuous support for changing business or application needs
  • Infrastructure Department Support
  • The continuous evolution of Robotics technology

Results in 6 weeks

Jidoka Methodology
Jidoka Academy: soporte y formación

Jidoka Academy: support and training

Jidoka provides global support, both in the construction of software robots and in the training of developers, users and platform administrators, helping companies to ensure the success of their automation projects.

Jidoka’s expert team offers a complete catalogue of courses to provide developers and users with the necessary skills to get the most out of our RPA technology.

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