Ibermática empowers its process robotization through an alliance with the RPA vendor Jidoka - Jidoka


Ibermática empowers its process robotization through an alliance with the RPA vendor Jidoka

29 October, 2019

Madrid, October 30, 2019. Ibermática has signed an alliance with Jidoka to add to its offer the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution that enables automation initiatives integrating business and IT visions in a collaborative way. This alliance will allow both companies to reach a prominent position in the process robotization market. RPA technology is considered as one of the basic foundations for digital transformation of companies and administrations.

This alliance allows both companies gaining strength in a growing market, with an increasing contribution to digital transformation of enterprises.

Jidoka’s RPA technology allows integration and automation of processes within organizations deploying software robots capable of imitating human behavior in the use of IT tools and applications. The Jidoka platform facilitates construction, orchestration and monitoring of digital workforce, enabling automation of complex business processes based on high volume and repetitive tasks. Nowadays, software robots are being introduced more and more intensively in organizations of all industries, improving the speed and quality of the processes in which they are involved and solving specific performance problems.

The partnership with Jidoka is framed in the hybrid intelligence strategy of Ibermática providing a solution to get the most out of the digital force of business process automation. Both firms share a common vision of addressing automation with a strategic approach, achieving effective collaboration between those responsible for the automated processes and the robot developers, a key factor for the success of large-scale automation initiatives.

“RPA technology allows to maximize the value of human skills, boosting them with the automation capabilities of software robots”, says Iñaki del Río, Director of Digital LABS and of I3B Innovation Institute at Ibermática. “For the transition to hybrid intelligence models to be fully efficient, it is necessary to have a proven methodology and the best RPA tools on the market, which is why we have chosen Jidoka as an automation solution for our customers’ processes“, he highlights.

According to Víctor Ayllón, CEO of Jidoka: “Our network of partners expands thanks to companies that stand out for their performance in the market and their innovative nature, and Ibermática is a clear example of a referent in the current scene of technology consulting. We are convinced that our union will allow us to reinforce our position as a reference in the Spanish market of Robotic Process Automation“.

This alliance comes at a moment of great expansion of the Robotic Process Automation market, technology that is acquiring increasing importance in the digital transformation of organizations. This opens huge growth opportunities for companies that, like Ibermática, focus on leading business process robotization.

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