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Jidoka v6.0: improved RPA capabilities to deliver a highly scalable, more resilient, and the most collaborative Intelligent Automation platform

27 September, 2018

Jidoka continues to innovate and expand its functionality, promoting an intelligent automation approach co-led by Business and IT, with the aim of becoming the most widely deployed Java-based Enterprise RPA platform encompassing the complete cycle of robot development, implementation, and orchestration.

By integrating in this version advanced Robotic Process Automation functionalities with Docker’s dynamic scaling capabilities and Kubernetes’ high availability, Jidoka provides medium and large-sized companies with improved tools that allow them to adapt their automation infrastructure to workload peaks in a more agile and effective way, enabling unassisted recovery in the event of service failures.

Additionally, Jidoka delivers to developers new and improved tools to provide robots with artificial vision skills, bringing their perception even closer to human vision. Likewise, new functionalities have been integrated to facilitate collaborative interaction between humans and robots to support automation of increasingly more complex processes.

Of the new functionality included in version 6.0 we can highlight:

High availability

Jidoka feature new real time events and alerts, both for the platform and each robot, to help the recovery of the console or nodes in the event of hardware or software failures. The console and the nodes are integrated into a Kubernetes cluster, ensuring high availability of the platform.


New integrated features are available from the console for the automatic start/stop of nodes in Docker containers and VirtualBox virtual machines. This improvement, together with events associated with the queuing of robots, makes Jidoka the best platform for dynamic robot scaling.


Jidoka facilitates collaboration between systems and persons, allowing control of nodes and robots through the console (chatbot feature), mobile applications, physical devices (Internet of Things – IoT), or by voice.

Computer Vision

Jidoka’s capacity to process unstructured image data, provides our robots with advanced artificial vision skills.

Multiple Operating System Support

Our Java-based robots can be executed not only in Windows, but also in environments such as Linux or Mac OS, extending their application possibilities – even in automated IT operations.

These are only few of the improvements of the Jidoka’s latest release. Do you want to know more? Download the product datasheet now and learn about our RPA solution’s features.

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