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Our software robots speak English and Spanish

19 September, 2016

Developed in Spain, Jidoka is a robots software platform (RPA) leader in the Spanish-speaking market, networking with partners at a global level.

Like we have previously explained in this blog, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technology that automates business processes utilizing software robots in a wide range of processes and sectors.  Every day, more and more companies are adopting Software Robots, a technology that is growing significantly and gaining a special prominence across many economic sectors, while expanding across borders into many different countries.

This is the case of the financial sector. Although RPA is a technology that can be applied to practically any sector or industry, it has gained special relevance in the financial sector.  Being highlighted by the specialized portal of PwC in an article selecting the “Ten tendencies that will put the financial sector upside down”, where robot software is presented as a technology that is revolutionizing the business processes of banks, insurance companies, and other financial organizations.

In addition to the financial sector, RPA technology has gained a special prominence in the BPO sector where a huge volume of repetitive tasks exist in the back office, leading in disruptive innovation in numerous sectors such as government, health, or human resources and there seems to be no limits, even when talking about languages.

 Leaders of RPA in Spanish

We are able to say that the software robots are opening the doors to many markets, being present in countries on all five continents. The North-American market, European, and Asian countries develop their robots in English–the default language of technology and the internet– but there are other world regions like Latin America and another language, Spanish, where for years the Jidoka platform is the reference. This fact was confirmed by Horses for Sources, a specialized consulting and research firm in Robotic Process Automation, and one of the most respected global authorities on this technology in its article titled: “Bots are starting to comprehend Spanish”.

Along with English, Spanish is also a leading world language, due both by the number of speakers and the large amount of countries where it has a presence, highlighting Spain, the Latin American countries, and even the United States, where alone there are over 40 million people that speak Spanish.

 Network Partners of Jidoka

Our network of partners covers countries from Spain to Latin America, such as Mexico and Colombia, in addition to, of course, the United States and United Kingdom.

In Jidoka we have available for our clients and partners, extensive support material in Spanish, both for training as well as commercialization of the Jidoka platform, all in addition to our powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) to build the software robots. In the same way, we are conscious of the importance of a language in an international business relationship. With this in mind  “our web” and platform are also available in English, and  all of the support material is also in the language of Shakespeare, but our main advantage in the Hispanic market is to be a Hispanic pioneer in RPA, where we have become the leader of the Spanish speaking RPA market.

Our network of partners covers all the way from Spain to Latin American countries, like México and Colombia, and of course the United States and United Kingdom. Although it may seem contradictory, thanks to our leadership in the Hispanic market, we are developing projects with multinationals that operate in every continent with excellent results for our clients.

What about The Anglo-Saxon market?  And the Asian market? Jidoka has partnerships with global consulting firms who help companies implement software robots in Europe, Asia, and North America, and who have positioned Jidoka RPA technology as a leading solution.

In Jidoka, it is clear to us that our robots speak English because it is the language of technology and the Internet, but above all they  speak Spanish, and  in a great number of countries, and this not only makes us the best, but unique.

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