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RPA Applications

Software robots in action

If the task is robotic, give it to a robot

In your company’s daily processes, multiple applications and systems (ERPs, CRM, intranets, web portals, desktop tools, etc.) interact and require a high degree of manual intervention.

It has been shown that using systems and applications, people spend time on tasks that cost the company a great deal of money but add very little value. An example of this is managing multiple spreadsheets with information obtained from those applications or “copy and paste” data between them.

Who better than a robot for robotic tasks?

Si la tarea es robótica, que se encargue un robot

If the task is human, give it to a person

RPA technology is an essential part of the Artificial Intelligence solutions ecosystem. However, its results are more tangible and immediate than in the case of other disruptive niche technologies.

RPA meets 70% of today’s business automation needs needs and is the first step on the road to digital transformation.

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Examples of applications

In the everyday operations of your company there are multiple tasks and processes that can be executed by robots software:

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