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Jidoka provides a robust platform, based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, to automate repetitive business processes.

Jidoka’s distributed architecture is composed of a web console, providing all the information related to the execution of each automated process, and a server, to co-ordinate all actions associated with the deployment of our robots in each node, whether on physical or virtual machines.

Jidoka is designed to provide solutions to automation needs in complex and large-scale business processes. Its security standards, resource optimization, and scalability make it an ideal RPA solution for any company, no matter its size.


Our unique approach

Jidoka is not just another RPA solution. It is a complete platform enabling the digital transformation of business processes with a unique and distinctive approach.

Solución enterprise

Enterprise Solution

Applying a “Design Centric” automation vision, based on the process workflow, Jidoka is a solution designed to respond to the automation needs of any organization.

Enfoque colaborativo

Collaborative Approach

Jidoka promotes collaboration between those responsible for the business processes and the automation architects, to bring about synergy in the construction, deployment, and maintenance of robots.

Desarrollo en java

Java Development

Jidoka is built on Java, a powerful language, which is open, universal and adaptable to complex processes.

Challenges in RPA implementation

Finding skilled personnel for robot development

The use of proprietary technologies can lead to a lack of resources with the requisite capabilities for the development of robots.

Our vision:
Development based on an open language such as Java, applying current standards in the software industry.

Challenges to complete RPA projects successfully

Insufficient collaboration between operations and systems teams can lead to serious failure in the implementation of RPA projects.

Our vision:
A collaborative approach between the business area (to define, monitor and manage automation) and technology (to build, test and deploy automation).

Low ROI and barriers to scale

The lack of a strategic focus in RPA initiatives may produce only moderate results and difficulties in projects of any scale.

Our vision:
“Top-down” and design-centric, addressing automation with a strategic approach.

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