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RPA tools for process managers

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Running robots and monitoring processes with Jidoka

Jidoka offers all the tools required by process managers and business users to operate, orchestrate and monitor RPA robots, allowing them greater operational efficiency and an improved experience in managing automated processes.

Consola avanzada


Our console is visually attractive and easy to use when modelling complex business processes and optimizing the operation of robots, obtaining information, results and metrics in real time.



From the initial basic implementation of a server and a node (24 hours of robot execution), scaling the platform’s capabilities is as easy as acquiring new individual nodes. This provides our clients with high degree of automation potential.

The Jidoka console allows users to visually organize, monitor and control the nodes/robots’ structure, regardless of size or complexity.



Jidoka robot development is guided by the workflow of the process defined in the console, following a “top-down” approach.

The evolution of processes, when scaling the RPA solution or the operational changes, is as easy as adapting the workflow, it being possible to implement and manage multiple versions of robots.

Alertas eventos y excepciones


Managing events and configuring alerts is one of the most sought-after functionalities in automation systems.

Jidoka provides business users with a wide selection of predefined and editable events and actions associated with both robots and nodes, including exception capture.

Analitíca de procesos


The Jidoka console includes a powerful statistics module which displays indicators associated with the processes in an intuitive and appealing way.

Jidoka also provides statistical information based on its distinctive functions. For example, “smart delay” of robots, allowing clear visualisation of bottlenecks in the execution of the robot and, therefore, optimizing execution of the process.

Types of robots

Jidoka is a platform adapted to the deployment and operation of different genres of robots, capable of executing business processes in an assisted way, collaborating with an agent or acting completely autonomously.

  • Robot AutónomoUnassisted RPA
  • Robot AsistidoAssisted RPA

ROI Calculator

The Jidoka console includes a tool to calculate achievable savings by using process automation (estimated ROI). Once the robot is up and running, it monitors in real time, whether the expectations of return on investment have been met and how they have evolved (real ROI).